Infopath error

InfoPath cannot open the selected form because of an error in the form’s code. The Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 is not installed on your computer

or the InfoPath primary interop assembly (PIA) is not registered. Use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel to make sure that Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 is installed

or install it using Windows Update, then run Setup again to confirm that .NET Programmability Support is installed, or contact your system administrator.

 This is the most complete error I’ve ever received, BUT it’s not the same error I’ve received 🙂

Atleast not as detailed. 

 If you have this error or something that looks like it. 

You’ll have to put the Office 2007 cd in, select add/remove features , go to infopath and select the “.net programmabilty”.

 first uninstall it and than install it again. 

It could be because Framework 1.1 or 2.0 wasn’t installed when Office 2007 was installed. 

(although this situation seems highly unlikely)

Hope this helps someone

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