SQL + Memory + restore in SharePoint = out of the box pain

hey everyone

Some time ago I had to do a restore of a SharePoint intranet. Nothing special here, using the stsadm commands backup and restore, so far so good.
But the problem came during the restore process, the server took so much memory that it almost flatlined. Even opening a window took ages.

Now what was the problem?
Out of the box SharePoint installs the embedded SQL server.
But if you are not a DBAdmin like me (I know SharePointers need to know Windows Server to the bone (IIS, AD, DNS, …) you would probebly not know this.
The embedded SQL server has a memory issue and that is, by default it requires all the memory and this is where the problem was.
You’ll need to go via a SQL Management studio express program to your (.pipeMSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEEsqlquery) embedded sql server.
Than rightclick your sql server and choose properties -> memory options and here change the default maximum server memory to whatever is right for the server.

Some pointers, look at the purpose of the sql server, if you need to index 200.000files don’t give it 512MB. Also look at the memory of the server it self, server has 4GB memory, don’t give 6GB 🙂

Hope this helps someone

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