Content databases + SharePoint 2010 = no access?

hey everyone

Today I started up the CAML Builder again (I know, Linq to SharePoint rulez, but underneath it still translates to CAML 🙂 ).
So it started giving me an error saying that the user isn’t getting access to the Content Database.

Ok, SQL 2008 management studio (for those who have to install it on a server 2008, good luck but I’m not a too bad of a guy 🙂 )

open -> security -> right click user -> properties -> user mapping (got an error saying that certain db’s are not listed) ok ok , uh? where are my content db’s. Those are the db’s that are not listed

Ok rightclick the db’s , no access, figures …. and is normal, at install and creating content db, SharePoint 2010 is only giving sa and another account access and all the rest, well you shouldn’t be snooping arround in the catacombs of SharePoint SQL he .

But my problem still existed, I couldn’t use the CAML Builder 🙁

SO, as every good SharePoint we’ll have to be all round and via some googleing (lost the url where I found the solution, but I’m just spreading the word, give credit who’s credit due 🙂 )

the solution is in the SharePoint Powershell
$w = Get-SPWebApplication -identity “name of the web app”

et voila user has access to the sql content db of the web app.

If you have a blog, post it , It kept my busy for atleast 4 hours before I found what I was looking for.

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