IISAPP on windows server 2003 vs Windows server 2008 (R2)

This is a short blog for the people who are looking for IISAPP (in the command prompt gave the W3Wp process id’s and their link to the IIS application pool) in windows 2008.

Well in short it’s gone, but no worries “%windir%system32inetsrvappcmd.exe list wp”  is the new command.

Why would you use it? if you must debug and wspbuilder isn’t working correctly (normally a wrong DDL) and you need to attach it manually. If you have 10 W3WP”s services, you can ofcourse connect to all of them, but if you are with 2 developers on 1 dev machine, this can be quit annoying.

So main rule, only connect to your W3Wp and not all 10 🙂

Hope it helps someone

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