Restart server via RDP

hey everyone

A few days ago I had a stupid problem. I’ve installed updates on the server but I needed to restart it.

Ok restart via de update button , losing rdp connecton ok that’s normal, almost waiting an half hour to come back online (not normal). After half an hour the server still wasn’t online. So went to the host screen of the (luckely) virtual machine. It hanged in shut down mode.

When you click restart, one of the first services that’s being shutdown is RDP host service.

But if your server hangs after that , there is no way to have a remote solution to get back on the server (not without third party apps and stuff).

So always restart your server via de command prompt :

  • to restart : shutdown /r /f  (/r = restart,  /f = force)
  • for shutdown: shutdown /s /f  (/s = shutdown)

hope it helps someone

kind regards


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