Content organizer architecture: good vs ev…

This past week I’ve been deep diving into the Content organize structure.
How does a document get routed from the drop folder to the destination Document library?
All the MSDN examples and blog posts handle the normal out of the box functionality. But I literally didn’t found one how to do all this via code. (If you have one, send me the link and I’ll add you on my personal hero list  )

Also, very few of the websites that I found handles the content organizer cross sites.
After a lot of digging (disassemble, reflector , analyzing the SharePoint dll’s (again)) I can make a well-founded statement that those sites were in their good mind not or almost not to talk about it.

I’ll sketch the problem:
Imagine you have a rootsite with content organizer rules listed based on content types.
Say you have 5 subsites, and all of these subsites use their own content type (for ease of use we say that the content types are all defined on the rootweb, so no change or additional fields on the content type in the subsite).
Now I want to do some content routing from the rootweb to the subsites. Should be fairly easy but sadly it is not.
A “connection” must first be made at central admin level in order to use the “connection” to push the content from the drop folder in the rootweb to the dropfolder in the subsite.
So for a “simple” power user tool you are fairly quickly blocked in using the content organizer if you want to do content pushing outside of the web. Because you need a farm admin to create those “connections” and this is sometimes not possible when managing a big farm.

The place where I’m working now, I have to create a sort of content routing with site creations on the fly. So I investigated this structure and wanted to list the shortcomings.
Don’t know why there isn’t a nicer way of this structure or why Microsoft splitted this into central admin, power user sections.

But the main reason of this blog is that there is absolutely none blog/ msdn article/ technet, you name it , no information is available on how to create a connection manually from inside the site collection.
I’m investigating this issue with Tom van Gaever (fellow SharePoint junior evangelist 😉 link to his blog is here ) and we’ll be trying to find a capable solution slash sort of automation.
I’ll keep you guys posted on the development on a weekly basis. Hopefully I can post a codeplex project so that you can use it also.

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