IE6 and SharePoint with infopath form services = no fun

So we have a development track with Infopath (I’m not going to speak about the length of the entire project but it was long 😉 )

So we deployed it to UAT, no issues (well not concerning the IE version) and so we deployed to production servers. Here is where the fun started with the IE compatibility.
It seemed that there are some issues when using NTLM and Kerberos with IE 6.0 and infopath form services.
The issue that we’ve got was that the user went to the site, a logon screen was displayed. The user had to fill in the username, password and domain and when doing this three times nothing was displayed. Of course, filling in three times your account data only displays a white page.

So we started looking, mm, so we have windows 7 machines, windows XP and windows 2000 professional computers. Joy this kind of mixture but ok, it’s a challenge.

First thing, change the ntlm (could be V2 and win 2000 pro only gave the issues so it could be that only V1 is being used) to kerberos. Some hail, 30% of the users reported that the problem was fixed.
Ok but what of the rest, nope, still no luck… the search continued.

Looking over framework versions, settings of IT, nope on other machines it worked too with those settings so what could it be? Really running out of options a colleague checked an IE setting “Enable integrated windows authentication”. And everything was fixed 🙂 . We did notice it the first time we looked over the settings of Internet Explorer but because an other computers that didn’t had it checked we quickly dismissed it. Too quickly it appears …

Rule of thumb, occam’s razor, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, applied once again.

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