AllowUnsafeUpdates isn’t the way

Yesterday I had to go on an interview for a new client and one of the questions I received was something like: what “flag” do you need to set with a get request?

A possible answer was “AllowUnsafeUpdates”…

But while I was on my way to Ordina I was thinking about it, AllowUnsafeUpdates isn’t the proper solution to the problem that some of you get “The security validation for this page is invalid. Click back in your web browser, refresh the page and try your operation again.”…



If you search for this error than most of the time the blogs and forums will tell you to use the AllowUnsafeUpdates flag and set it so true and false in the end again.

But what is the meaning for that property…

Instead of me writing the entire solution I’ve found 2 blogs that describe this in very detail….

Happy reading Glimlach 

Below is also a similar issue but solved via PowerShell

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