What’s new in CAML SP 2010




While I was doing research about all the new features I came across some interesting articles.

For example: who knows about the new query parameters “In”, “includes” and “notincludes” in the SP2010 caml?

You can read more about the parameters here .

Most of you know that there are 2 nodes (“joins” and “projectedfields”) extra in the new CAML version. But it’s not easy to write caml against them. Therefore MS has created linq to SharePoint so that we don’t have to write all the difficult stuff. In fact, linq does a translation to CAML behind the scenes.

We will try to implement this also in the caml designer but one of the hard parts is to correctly visualize it.

Most likely “joins” and “projectedfields” will not be implemented in the first release, but it will definatly be added in future releases..

In the meanwhile here are 2 very good articles about explanation of each node.

MSDN – Joins and projectedFields

Blog – Maran

Also I’ve found a CAML intellisense “program”…


Hope it helps someone…

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