The InfoPath story: Chapter 2: a road unknown

While we started looking at all the issues that InfoPath can give us, we would have never guessed all the issues that it could give us.

Given elements that we took into account:

  • Not able to be deployed to other farms, new web applications, not even new site collections (all because the list ID would be changed)
  • Code behind (in InfoPath) was not necessary so this was a big plus (if you have ever done code behind than you know what a pain it can be)
  • nice and easy way to design forms
  • generates the entire form for us so that we can style it any way we want
  • some issue that you could have when using the formservices.asmx via sandbox see here

elements that we later discovered during development:

  • at the moment only “deployment” via the formservices.asmx is possible (so when attaching the xsn file to the list, we only found 1 way on how to do this, more on that in a later chapter)
  • if you are using lookup fields in combination with InfoPath you are in for a long way

The SharePoint list form can’t be customized with InfoPath because fields of an unsupported data type are marked as required, or because fields are corrupted. In SharePoint, try deleting the columns or editing the column properties to remove the required attribute.

– Field Name (Lookup)

When you will see this error it’s either 2 things, the lookup in the list points to nothing (maybe an inconsistency with the parent content type, see if the lookup field in the content type is also not working, if it is, just edit the field, change nothing, ok – ok and try the InfoPath form again.

The second way is the hard way.. depending on how you deploy your lookup field this can be an issue, with or without webID…. (will be explained in chapter 3)

  • did I mention the “deployment procedure” already? Glimlach
  • even the white spacing in the manifest.xsf file will give you issues when editing it (manifest.xsf is an internal file in the .xsn file)

for InfoPath it’s not the same if the structure of your node is



while it must be <Node></Node>

These are the things that I can think of at the moment, if more come to mind I will add them here.

Next chapter is about content types and fields (also how to deploy a lookup that InfoPath can work with)

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