Sneak preview Caml Designer v2013

Caml Designer 2010 and 2013 are now availble for download here

Once upon a time not too long ago Caml Designer v1 was released. It was at the SharePoint Saturday conference here in Belgium.

Since then the Caml Designer has been downloaded over 3000 times Glimlach not counting the numerous updates that we already did.

In the last update we’ve extended the Caml Designer with the possibility to create “Site Data Queries”.

Now for SharePoint 2013 we had a small problem: SharePoint 2010 uses framework .NET 3.5 and SharePoint 2013 uses framework .NET 4.0. So the assemblies of SharePoint are the issue. We couldn’t work out to support both versions of SharePoint in one application.

The reasons are that the assemblies are build in the different .NET frameworks and you cannot use .NET 4.0 in a .NET 3.5 assembly. A post that supports my findings (it’s in CRM but the error stays the same) you can find here.

I couldn’t even get assembly binding redirection to work.

So the decision was made to create a “new” Caml Designer for SharePoint 2013.

First of all the look and feel is somewhat different…

Keep in mind that we are still in the design phase.. so things are still going to change…

So the main screen will be something like…


As you can see the ribbon is GONE… This was one most crucial parts, the ribbon was making things more complex so one of the main requirements of the new design was having things much more easier. So tabs are now introduced instead.

Do you want the Designer in a new color? 


It’s all possible via the settings slide out…, design of this may still be changed but the color schema gives it a nice touch.


And last but not least, the login screen has changed somewhat as well..


This is still in design phase but at the right side you’ll have your recent sites in tiles and the selection via which method you want to create your connection. 


That’s all for now… hope you’ll like the design and let me know what you think of it…

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