SharePoint conference 2012 general overview



As the SharePoint Conference 2012 (in Las Vegas) has come to an end I find myself now sitting in a hotel room in San Francisco while it is raining outside. Well now is any good of a time to write some blog posts that I’ve been postponing:


First, the SharePoint Conference was an unbelievable event, very nice sessions, lots of networking (so if you ever go to a SP conference, make sure you have those business cards with you, you really need them).


The event was hosted in Las Vegas and I must say, if you never went to Vegas, well the only sound advice that I can give, starbucks –> lots of water , I mean really A LOT –> Food , in that order Winking smile .

After checking in and going out for a bite it was time to sleep, the next day (you hardly had any sleep because of the time difference) , we went to registration to collect our badge:


Being member of a User Group as well I also received the SPUG Leader badge Smile.

Day 1:


Here is a picture on how many people that was there… And yes, the room was THAT big…


After the keynote it was choosing between all the sessions that we could follow.

The indication of the floors was pretty well done as well:

1st floor was IT Pro floor:


2nd floor was the developer floor:



In the community lounge we could see a map with all the user groups displayed in the entire world:



As you can see, the SharePoint community is quite big… most concentrated in the USA and Europe..

If you want to know which SharePoint people to follow their blogs, here’s a small top 25:


In the end, there is way too much to talk about and I can blog for the rest of year just by talking about all the stuff we’ve seen and with some of the hands on labs. I’ll try to pick out the most interesting sessions I’ve followed for my next few blogs. Also I need to go through all my pictures that I took during all the sessions. A lot of new toys and tools are already online but I need to find the pictures first (took over 800).

Anyway, first I’m enjoying a small vacation in San Francisco and Richmond and in the meanwhile I’m first continuing to work on the Caml Designer 2013 version. When this is finished than I’m getting back to my blogging.


If next time you might have the chance to go to the next SharePoint Conference than TAKE IT. Really the fun I had meeting new people, talking about technology in general and all the very interesting sessions. Like Nike says…


And be honest, who doesn’t want a cool picture like the one below :-), had tonz of fun there..