CamlDesigner 2013 just went Beta



Caml Designer 2013 is now live and you can download it here.

hey everyone

As of yesterday we are in the final part of the development phase of the CamlDesigner v2013.

All of our beta testers have received the link to download the next version and are now putting it through rigorous testing.

Also a new page has been opened up to the public on the BIWUG site. If you go to the site and click on the “downloads” section in the navigation and than “Download here” in the Caml Designer part, you’ll see that we’ve also made the package available for “off-line” use as well.

This link was available upon request but we never made it public because of the one slight drawback, if we would release an update than the “offline” package would not update it self. In the click-once application this would be done automatically.

So now you can download in offline mode but keep in mind that you are responsible to update package once in a while.

We will provide with a version number in the program itself so that you can check against the number that will be provided on the webpage.

Yes there is a countdown as well on this page at the moment. Check it to see when we are planning to release the new tool Smile

That’s it for now. Have a nice week.

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