Caml Designer 2013 is live



Hey everyone

So yesterday was a long and very exciting day for me and karine bosch. After working long days to get the Caml Designer ready for use, we made it for the BIWUG event.

There are still some minor bugs, but for normal use the tool is more than solid enough.

So what’s new?

  • Design is completely revamped
  • Speed of the tool, some stuff is happening async now
  • extra code snippets
  • settings fly out, you can delete your history, change colors of the screen
  • Multilingual.. at least the beginning of it.. Smile 

this will be improved (English and Dutch languages at the moment), but a mechanism will be put in place that you get the English resource file, translate it to your native language and send it to us, than we will implement the extra resource so that everyone enjoys the update.

By default the language is selected via the system region.

  • Connections window is completely changed now, history is being put in tiles, at the moment the tiles are being loaded when the tool starts and no resync will be done if you enter a different site

Custom credentials are NOT being encrypted, we will look into the possibility of this but at the moment this isn’t a priority

You can download the tool from here .

If you do find something, send us an e-mail and we’ll fix it and put it in an update.


That’s all, enjoy –> use –> blog and tweet about it Smile

Have a nice weekend

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