SharePoint Saturday 2013 BE


Well it’s that time again, beginning of a new year, deciding with the rest of the BIWUG board if we are going to organize another SharePoint Saturday or not Smile … and the answer is YES Smile .. keep the SharePoint Saturday site in your top 5 favorites these couple of months, because a lot needs to be revealed later on..

Believe it or not but a LOT of work goes into organizing one day..

Normal BIWUG work takes up 1-2 hours a week, with SPS it goes up to easily 5 hours a week.

Tasks for a SharePoint Saturday:

  • Swag: what are we going to give, what are the sponsors giving as well to put into the bag
  • Sponsors: we need to contact all the companies that want to sponsor and ask how much are they willing to sponsor for SPS
  • Speakers: a call to speaker needs to be launched, previous speakers needs to be mailed again to ask if they want to give a session
  • Getting the speakers here, organizing not only the Saturday but the day before and after as well, showing them a city of Belgium
  • Speakers dinner: different menu’s
  • All the communication needs to be streamlined as well
  • costs: calculate how much everything is and how much we can do with the budget that we’ve got
  • Location arrangements
  • Agenda: how many tracks, interesting sessions

Luckily the BIWUG team is one of the best teams that I’ve ever worked with and we each take our tasks very seriously. Smile 

So I would like to say to them, I’m proud of working with you guys…. and of course to the Belgian SharePoint community, without you guys we wouldn’t have such a success as we have now.. Almost all of the events that we give, are practically a sold out event.

In the end we all do it for the Belgian SharePoint community, but judging from what we’ve already discussed I don’t think you will be disappointed. Smile

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