CamlDesigner 2013 now supports SharePoint 2010


Hey all


Just a quick post before I’m off to set up all the rooms and bags before the main event tomorrow (SharePoint Saturday 2013 Belgium).

Karine and me were a little bit too busy with our main jobs to continue working on the Caml Designer during this iteration, so Peter Karpinski asked if he could help out.. And help out he did.

Some list with updates that we did on this iteration:

  • Improved support for Office 365
  • Bug fixes
  • CamlDesigner 2013 can now also be used to connect to SharePoint 2010.. so delete the CamlDesigner 2010
  • Changed the connection screen a little bit, you can now select to what version of SharePoint you are connecting to


Of course when selecting SP2010 you can only use Client OM and web services… Server OM connection wasn’t possible.. but functionality why you will not see a difference.

Hope you like it  and maybe see you tomorrow at #SPSBE

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