Hey everyone

So it’s been a very long time since I’ve written another blog post, sad part is, I just didn’t had the time.

I was very busy in preparing a SharePoint 2013 training (what’s new, Office Apps, Social and Azure workflow service) and a lot of time got into this. Finding everything out how it works, creating presentations (also re-using some content from SPC12) and working out demo’s. But I’m back bearing gifts Smile.

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Hey everyone

As I was sending an internal mail to the SharePoint group of my company, I was thinking that this information would be interesting for everyone.. so, sharing is caring Smile

SharePoint 2013 is out for a couple of months now but not yet all the exams are available..

The beta development exams are available from April – June 2013 and you can find the path to become a SharePoint  2013 Developer here:



As you can see we need some HTML 5 & CCS 3 certification as well… and you can get the free voucher here (don’t know for how long the code is valid)


What to do for IT pro exam?


you need to pass MSCA – Windows Server 2012 (separate 3 exams as well)

some sources for training material :




As you already can see, the most of the certification information comes from the blog of Vlad.. I strongly suggest to add this one to your blog reader feeds.

that’s all Smile

have a nice day


hey everyone

A couple of months to almost a year ago I had to write some documentation and lookup a lot around sandbox solutions. More precise when you would go for sandbox and when to farm solutions.

So I’ve restyled the document a little bit and you can download it as of now…

If there are some things you don’t agree or is incorrect let me know so I can change it…

Since I’m not all for re-inventing the wheel most of the information is a collection of blogs that I’ve found, all the links are saved in references at the bottom of the document.


Sandbox isn’t changed much in SharePoint 2013 so the document can be used for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

hope it helps someone

In Part 1 of the Design Manager blog post I’ve taken the Design Manager under the loop and talked about each step.

At the end of the blog post you could generate a Design Package… in this post we’ll take that design package under the loop and see what we can do with it, or what is included in this package. I will refer sometimes to the previous post..

If you have Visual Studio 2012 with update 1 but don’t have the SharePoint 2013 templates yet? You can download them here –> under tools –> “Download the tools” link.

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Yesterday I gave a presentation about some of the new stuff in SharePoint 2013 for developers. As always it was fun to give the presentation and to show that all the new cool things are actually easy to make.

Big thanks to BIWUG and HP as venue sponsor for the opportunity.

You can download the slides here and I’ve added almost all of the information and sources in the presenter text area.

If you have any question, you can always mail me at info@meligo.be .