The location for the Codeplex project is here.


After messing around a lot with the elements files to generate some pages I’ve created a small webpart that does all this stuff for you.

I’ve reused some code from this codeplex project and I’ve asked Stefan Stanev if I could re-use it. Also I’ve added some functionality.

The codeplex project of Stefan connects to SharePoint and if you go to the page via de program than you can right click and generate the elements.xml file.

Only the program doesn’t take into account connections between webparts. This and some other small adjustment I’ve added in my solution. So the elements file that you can generate via my webpart should be the most complete one representing the page.

I’ve shared the code with Stefan so that he can update his package, but I don’t know if he did this or not.

So the install is easy, it’s a WSP so install, deploy and put it on an webpart page (example called: admin.aspx).

How does it work? Continue reading


hey everyone

A couple of months to almost a year ago I had to write some documentation and lookup a lot around sandbox solutions. More precise when you would go for sandbox and when to farm solutions.

So I’ve restyled the document a little bit and you can download it as of now…

If there are some things you don’t agree or is incorrect let me know so I can change it…

Since I’m not all for re-inventing the wheel most of the information is a collection of blogs that I’ve found, all the links are saved in references at the bottom of the document.


Sandbox isn’t changed much in SharePoint 2013 so the document can be used for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

hope it helps someone

In Part 1 of the Design Manager blog post I’ve taken the Design Manager under the loop and talked about each step.

At the end of the blog post you could generate a Design Package… in this post we’ll take that design package under the loop and see what we can do with it, or what is included in this package. I will refer sometimes to the previous post..

If you have Visual Studio 2012 with update 1 but don’t have the SharePoint 2013 templates yet? You can download them here –> under tools –> “Download the tools” link.

First things first, open up Visual Studio 2012 Continue reading


Well it’s that time again, beginning of a new year, deciding with the rest of the BIWUG board if we are going to organize another SharePoint Saturday or not Smile … and the answer is YES Smile .. keep the SharePoint Saturday site in your top 5 favorites these couple of months, because a lot needs to be revealed later on..

Believe it or not but a LOT of work goes into organizing one day..

Normal BIWUG work takes up 1-2 hours a week, with SPS it goes up to easily 5 hours a week.

Tasks for a SharePoint Saturday:

  • Swag: what are we going to give, what are the sponsors giving as well to put into the bag
  • Sponsors: we need to contact all the companies that want to sponsor and ask how much are they willing to sponsor for SPS
  • Speakers: a call to speaker needs to be launched, previous speakers needs to be mailed again to ask if they want to give a session
  • Getting the speakers here, organizing not only the Saturday but the day before and after as well, showing them a city of Belgium
  • Speakers dinner: different menu’s
  • All the communication needs to be streamlined as well
  • costs: calculate how much everything is and how much we can do with the budget that we’ve got
  • Location arrangements
  • Agenda: how many tracks, interesting sessions

Luckily the BIWUG team is one of the best teams that I’ve ever worked with and we each take our tasks very seriously. Smile 

So I would like to say to them, I’m proud of working with you guys…. and of course to the Belgian SharePoint community, without you guys we wouldn’t have such a success as we have now.. Almost all of the events that we give, are practically a sold out event.

In the end we all do it for the Belgian SharePoint community, but judging from what we’ve already discussed I don’t think you will be disappointed. Smile



Well a new year has begun.. first of all I want to wish everyone a good health and success…

After taking some vacation from a busy agenda I’m back with a renewed spirit and energy Smile

Some of my personal goals this year will be:

  • some more blogging
  • going to teach SharePoint in evening school, I’ll share my course here as well
  • Continue working on the Caml Designer with Karine to improve some of the functionality
  • Continue working together with the great team of BIWUG
  • Upgrading the BIWUG website to SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2013 certification
  • keeping up my jogging / gym , being a IT consultant is one thing but a fitter body thinks more clearly Smile
  • maybe the 10 miles of antwerp? #BiwugFunEvent?
  • maybe one or two sessions for BIWUG (thinking about APPS & Azure workflow service?)
  • a SharePoint conference
  • SharePoint Saturday BE

Those are the most of my personal goals so they will fill up the year quite nicely..

Tell me what your personal goals are:

kind regards




Hey everyone

So yesterday was a long and very exciting day for me and karine bosch. After working long days to get the Caml Designer ready for use, we made it for the BIWUG event.

There are still some minor bugs, but for normal use the tool is more than solid enough.

So what’s new?

  • Design is completely revamped
  • Speed of the tool, some stuff is happening async now
  • extra code snippets
  • settings fly out, you can delete your history, change colors of the screen
  • Multilingual.. at least the beginning of it.. Smile 

this will be improved (English and Dutch languages at the moment), but a mechanism will be put in place that you get the English resource file, translate it to your native language and send it to us, than we will implement the extra resource so that everyone enjoys the update.

By default the language is selected via the system region.

  • Connections window is completely changed now, history is being put in tiles, at the moment the tiles are being loaded when the tool starts and no resync will be done if you enter a different site

Custom credentials are NOT being encrypted, we will look into the possibility of this but at the moment this isn’t a priority

You can download the tool from here .

If you do find something, send us an e-mail and we’ll fix it and put it in an update.


That’s all, enjoy –> use –> blog and tweet about it Smile

Have a nice weekend



Caml Designer 2013 is now live and you can download it here.

hey everyone

As of yesterday we are in the final part of the development phase of the CamlDesigner v2013.

All of our beta testers have received the link to download the next version and are now putting it through rigorous testing.

Also a new page has been opened up to the public on the BIWUG site. If you go to the site and click on the “downloads” section in the navigation and than “Download here” in the Caml Designer part, you’ll see that we’ve also made the package available for “off-line” use as well.

This link was available upon request but we never made it public because of the one slight drawback, if we would release an update than the “offline” package would not update it self. In the click-once application this would be done automatically.

So now you can download in offline mode but keep in mind that you are responsible to update package once in a while.

We will provide with a version number in the program itself so that you can check against the number that will be provided on the webpage.

Yes there is a countdown as well on this page at the moment. Check it to see when we are planning to release the new tool Smile

That’s it for now. Have a nice week.


So it was quite these pas few weeks around the Caml Designer. But we are still alive and kicking and working hard on the new version.. Yes there will be a new version and it will contain a lot of new stuff, like a complete overhaul of the user interface, additional alerting system, telling the user what the program is doing. We even added multi lingual, although at the moment we only have Dutch and English. If you want your language in it as well, send us a translated list of the words (list of words will be provided in the program) and we’ll make sure it’s added in the next update.

In the back-end a lot has changed as well, we’ve now included JSON script. Isn’t that cool Smile???

You want an example of the new design + json code?



So when will be the release date?

Well soon, after our beta-testers have given their go and no severe errors have been found.

A link will be added in the Caml Designer 2010 to the page where you can download it, twitter will also be used, so make sure you are following us on @CamlDesigner .

Do you want to enter our beta-tester program than send us an e-mail with subject “beta tester” and we’ll add you to the list.

Any additional comments / questions than comment this blogpost or send me an e-mail.



As the SharePoint Conference 2012 (in Las Vegas) has come to an end I find myself now sitting in a hotel room in San Francisco while it is raining outside. Well now is any good of a time to write some blog posts that I’ve been postponing:


First, the SharePoint Conference was an unbelievable event, very nice sessions, lots of networking (so if you ever go to a SP conference, make sure you have those business cards with you, you really need them).


The event was hosted in Las Vegas and I must say, if you never went to Vegas, well the only sound advice that I can give, starbucks –> lots of water , I mean really A LOT –> Food , in that order Winking smile .

After checking in and going out for a bite it was time to sleep, the next day (you hardly had any sleep because of the time difference) , we went to registration to collect our badge:


Being member of a User Group as well I also received the SPUG Leader badge Smile.

Day 1:


Here is a picture on how many people that was there… And yes, the room was THAT big…


After the keynote it was choosing between all the sessions that we could follow.

The indication of the floors was pretty well done as well:

1st floor was IT Pro floor:


2nd floor was the developer floor:



In the community lounge we could see a map with all the user groups displayed in the entire world:



As you can see, the SharePoint community is quite big… most concentrated in the USA and Europe..

If you want to know which SharePoint people to follow their blogs, here’s a small top 25:


In the end, there is way too much to talk about and I can blog for the rest of year just by talking about all the stuff we’ve seen and with some of the hands on labs. I’ll try to pick out the most interesting sessions I’ve followed for my next few blogs. Also I need to go through all my pictures that I took during all the sessions. A lot of new toys and tools are already online but I need to find the pictures first (took over 800).

Anyway, first I’m enjoying a small vacation in San Francisco and Richmond and in the meanwhile I’m first continuing to work on the Caml Designer 2013 version. When this is finished than I’m getting back to my blogging.


If next time you might have the chance to go to the next SharePoint Conference than TAKE IT. Really the fun I had meeting new people, talking about technology in general and all the very interesting sessions. Like Nike says…


And be honest, who doesn’t want a cool picture like the one below :-), had tonz of fun there..