So today we had a nice issue to look into. After doing some patching of SharePoint (installing CU’s and SP1) we noticed that a certain site collection gave some issues with the CSWP.

Now we tested everything:

  • checking if query was actually giving results, it was the case , we would see results in the tests pane of the build query page
  • same query on a different site collection = works.
  • Ok, checking if all the site collection (site) features were activated, was (almost) the case
  • still nothing , very very strange

I forgot the cardinal rule, check ULS 🙂 … after doing this we noticed 2 lines with a high level


Enable-SPFeature –ID 592ccb4a-9304-49ab-aab1-66638198bb58 –Url (URL of the Site coll giving the issue)

Et voila it was working all ok 🙂 Hope it helps

Strange part was that the CSWP was selectable to add to the page and all… No clue why it was depending on this feature to display the results.