So yesterday evening I had to give a presentation about Apps.

This was more of an intro session into Apps but it gave you a general knowledge about all the aspects that come with the App model. It wasn’t ment to go deepdive into every part, but more a high level overview.

I’ve uploaded my presentation to skydrive so you can download it.

Hope it helps

have a nice day

Hey guys

It’s been a loooong while since I’ve written about the tool that I’ve developed with Karine Bosch (@kboske) (and Peter was a great help with the Office 365 part) called Caml Designer.

Well since the vNext version that we have launched with the SharePoint Saturday 2012 the responses have been awesome 🙂 but also some bugs came up.

Thanks to all the people who sent a mail to we were able to track the bugs and fix them accordingly.

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Hey all


Just a quick post before I’m off to set up all the rooms and bags before the main event tomorrow (SharePoint Saturday 2013 Belgium).

Karine and me were a little bit too busy with our main jobs to continue working on the Caml Designer during this iteration, so Peter Karpinski asked if he could help out.. And help out he did.

Some list with updates that we did on this iteration:

  • Improved support for Office 365
  • Bug fixes
  • CamlDesigner 2013 can now also be used to connect to SharePoint 2010.. so delete the CamlDesigner 2010
  • Changed the connection screen a little bit, you can now select to what version of SharePoint you are connecting to


Of course when selecting SP2010 you can only use Client OM and web services… Server OM connection wasn’t possible.. but functionality why you will not see a difference.

Hope you like it  and maybe see you tomorrow at #SPSBE

Today is the day that SharePoint news will be injected in the MSDN BeLux tweet feed Smile (at least for a week that is).

To quote Maarten Balliauw :

This is the official Twitter account for MSDN BeLux. It’s not hacked, I did not steal the password: they gave it to me!


I would like to thank Microsoft for this opportunity , let me know how I’m doing, hope you’ll like the tweets.

have a nice day Smile

Hey everyone

So it’s been a very long time since I’ve written another blog post, sad part is, I just didn’t had the time.

I was very busy in preparing a SharePoint 2013 training (what’s new, Office Apps, Social and Azure workflow service) and a lot of time got into this. Finding everything out how it works, creating presentations (also re-using some content from SPC12) and working out demo’s. But I’m back bearing gifts Smile.

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hey everyone

A couple of months to almost a year ago I had to write some documentation and lookup a lot around sandbox solutions. More precise when you would go for sandbox and when to farm solutions.

So I’ve restyled the document a little bit and you can download it as of now…

If there are some things you don’t agree or is incorrect let me know so I can change it…

Since I’m not all for re-inventing the wheel most of the information is a collection of blogs that I’ve found, all the links are saved in references at the bottom of the document.


Sandbox isn’t changed much in SharePoint 2013 so the document can be used for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

hope it helps someone


Well it’s that time again, beginning of a new year, deciding with the rest of the BIWUG board if we are going to organize another SharePoint Saturday or not Smile … and the answer is YES Smile .. keep the SharePoint Saturday site in your top 5 favorites these couple of months, because a lot needs to be revealed later on..

Believe it or not but a LOT of work goes into organizing one day..

Normal BIWUG work takes up 1-2 hours a week, with SPS it goes up to easily 5 hours a week.

Tasks for a SharePoint Saturday:

  • Swag: what are we going to give, what are the sponsors giving as well to put into the bag
  • Sponsors: we need to contact all the companies that want to sponsor and ask how much are they willing to sponsor for SPS
  • Speakers: a call to speaker needs to be launched, previous speakers needs to be mailed again to ask if they want to give a session
  • Getting the speakers here, organizing not only the Saturday but the day before and after as well, showing them a city of Belgium
  • Speakers dinner: different menu’s
  • All the communication needs to be streamlined as well
  • costs: calculate how much everything is and how much we can do with the budget that we’ve got
  • Location arrangements
  • Agenda: how many tracks, interesting sessions

Luckily the BIWUG team is one of the best teams that I’ve ever worked with and we each take our tasks very seriously. Smile 

So I would like to say to them, I’m proud of working with you guys…. and of course to the Belgian SharePoint community, without you guys we wouldn’t have such a success as we have now.. Almost all of the events that we give, are practically a sold out event.

In the end we all do it for the Belgian SharePoint community, but judging from what we’ve already discussed I don’t think you will be disappointed. Smile



Well a new year has begun.. first of all I want to wish everyone a good health and success…

After taking some vacation from a busy agenda I’m back with a renewed spirit and energy Smile

Some of my personal goals this year will be:

  • some more blogging
  • going to teach SharePoint in evening school, I’ll share my course here as well
  • Continue working on the Caml Designer with Karine to improve some of the functionality
  • Continue working together with the great team of BIWUG
  • Upgrading the BIWUG website to SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2013 certification
  • keeping up my jogging / gym , being a IT consultant is one thing but a fitter body thinks more clearly Smile
  • maybe the 10 miles of antwerp? #BiwugFunEvent?
  • maybe one or two sessions for BIWUG (thinking about APPS & Azure workflow service?)
  • a SharePoint conference
  • SharePoint Saturday BE

Those are the most of my personal goals so they will fill up the year quite nicely..

Tell me what your personal goals are:

kind regards



Yesterday I gave a presentation about some of the new stuff in SharePoint 2013 for developers. As always it was fun to give the presentation and to show that all the new cool things are actually easy to make.

Big thanks to BIWUG and HP as venue sponsor for the opportunity.

You can download the slides here and I’ve added almost all of the information and sources in the presenter text area.

If you have any question, you can always mail me at .